Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Warmachine In Progress (WIP)

So, just an idea of where I am with the warmachine stuff.  I have decided, nothing else gets assembled until this little lot is painted.

On the table (Well, shelf supported by 8 coke cans on top of a chest of drawers) currently is....

6 Stormblades
3 Stormgunners
Stormgunner officer and standard

3 Storm Lances

2 Chargers

3 Stormsmiths
2 Stormsmith Stormtowers

10 Trenchers
3 Trencher Grenade Porters
Trencher Master Sergeant and Sniper
6 Rangers
Maxwell Finn
The other Named trencher solo (Who's name I forgot)

Trencher Cannon
Trencher Chain Gun

So thats 4 units, 4 support weapons, 5 solos, 5 'jacks.  At least a big chunk of it isn't predominantly blue.

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