Monday, 15 June 2015

More Shaltari and the Fear!

Not that much to report on the hobby front since my last post.  I have finished painting the next batch of my Shaltari, and I have assembled my Stormwall for Warmachine.  I have also had some ideas for finishing off the Cherub from Malifaux.

Before we go any further, I should say that Hawk Wargames customer service is at least as good as Privateer Press's (And we all know that I love their customer service)  Emailed I was missing the turret for a Yari.  Got a replacement part within days.  Granted it was the wrong part, but it arrived.  Quick email back.   Hours later, got a reply.  Correct part is on the way.  That's what I call service.

These Shaltari are, again, a case of the simplest effective paint scheme I can come up with.  2 Coats of base, followed by wash and drybrush, and then the purple (base and wash) and finally the black.  They are only 10mm scale, and so, while they are not works of art, they work at the sort of viewing distances I am expecting.  I only have two small flyers to paint to finish this batch, and 4 bases of infantry to detail.  Overall, its been nice to have a project that has a definite end, that I can dig my teeth into, paint, and finish.  I think that part of my problems with making hobby progress is the crate of stuff for each system sat on the shelf.  It makes it daunting to start, and when I get bored, I can just swap projects.  With this, I had an acceptable amount, a definite end, and it worked really well.

The Stormwall is one of those projects that has been sitting part started on my shelf for absolutely ages.  Its a fear project.  I am sure that everyone has one, one of those projects that, for whatever reason, we are afraid to proceed with.  Be it the Stormwall and Storm Strider (Now done) where I am scared because they are expensive models that I don't want to mess up, or the Iron Kingdom Starks, where I am afraid because they deserve a better paintjob than I think I will achieve, and they were bought for me by someone I love very much (Thanks Lisa), or even the ones where you fear the boring that will come with them (Painting big units of trolls, or Storm Knights, or, well any unit of more than about 3 models really at the moment) they are there, and they loom.  They can even make me feel guilty, because every other project I do is NOT DOING THEM!  Still, assembly done, undercoating pencilled in for tomorrow.  I know that once I get to the getting started phase, I'm usually pretty good at the finishing them.

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