Sunday, 21 June 2015

Playing Malifaux

Got to get in a game of Malifaux on Tuesday last week against David at LVL UP FLGS.  His second game, and I've not played that much, so it was a bit of a learning experience.  35SS, and mostly based around the starter boxes.

It was a fun game, played on my Malifaux table, currently on loan to the store, and painted by the long suffering girl.  I was supposed to take photos, but completely forgot after the first turn.

I won, but it was close, and I think that if David had had a few more of he models that made his Somer crew work (Slop haulers were mourned for their lack repeatedly) and played a little more for the objectives it would have been very different. Still, we both learned some more of the system.

I fielded
Victoria - Of Blood and Of Ashes
3 Ronin

All of this has led to me having the Malifaux painting bug again.  I'm currently working on my Lilith crew to go with the Tuco I painted, (pictures to follow), and some Punk Zombies to go with my Yan-Lo crew.  the next plan is a Kaeris crew, based around Oxfordian mages and possibly some rail crew.

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