Saturday, 13 August 2016

Go on, have a 'Stroke

Deathstroke that is.  Continuing on the theme of assassins that was started with Deadpool, I give you, Deathstroke.  Nothing much to say about this, painted as a commission for Marcus, who then moved away for a bit, leaving it languishing on the painting table.  He is back, and so I cracked on and finished this.

I suspect that the photo doesn't do the black justice.  In any event, I used a new method for painting the black, which I am happy with in person, and so I am going to share, if for no other reason than to record it for my later review.

Step 1 - Paint everything black.  Simple, but obvious
Step 2 - Coat everything with a pot of old Citadel Black Ink.  It gives a fine, deeeeep black to work from
Step 3 - Drybrush the black with Incubi Darkness
Step 4 - Drybrush with Hellion Green.  VERY lightly
Step 5 - Wash with Nuln Oil.

I think I like this considerably more than most of my other techniques for black.

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