Thursday, 18 August 2016

Swamped with Painting

So, I have been working on the pile of models that I built during a spell when I decided that building loads of Malifaux models badly was a good idea.  I've learned my lesson on that one, and now build the models with (a little) more care.  I started with some Silurids.  They were put together really badly.  In reverse order, I have painted Bad Juju as the second of the projects this post.

  This was a quick and easy paint job, a simple Base/Drybrush/Wash with some details then added in, on one of my standard Swamp bases.  I don't think that it is going to see a lot of table time, but as a completist, I wanted to get it done.

    Before I started on Bad Juju, I painted the Silurids.  These were also shockingly badly assembled and took a bit of clean up to get them even to this point.  That said, they look reasonably good at a tabletop distance.  The only real point of note in their paint job is that the eyes were done with the new Spiritstone Red over silver.  I like the effect.

    Next, I shall work on Zoraida and the Voodoo Doll.  Unfortunately, in assembling Zoraida, I have mislaid the Voodoo Dolls that are supposed to be part of the model.  I am sure that they will turn up, but until then, I shall paint her without.

    In other news, I have the first Malifaux tournament I am running as a Henchman on Saturday.  We have filled 16 places with people who have said they are coming, and I am hoping it will be a good day, although I suspect I will learn a number of lessons.

    Oh, and Cat.  Or rather, Kitten.  I have one, with all of the fear that this brings regarding the safety of my models going forward!

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