Monday, 29 August 2016

Witch Hunters

So, I have decided that I have too much Malifaux stuff.  And that too much of that Malifaux stuff is unpainted.  And that I don't know what I have got.  So, in order to fix this, I have begun the great Malifaux Painting Plan (C).

The idea is, that I am going to complete Malifaux in Waves.  Starting with Wave 1, I will paint all of the models within each book, to at least a tabletop standard.  This will mean that, eventually, my goal of having everything for all Factions will be achieved, at some point in the distant past.

So I have made a list.  It is based on all of the Wave 1 Arsenal boxes (Except Gremlins.  I can't find the gremlins one, and have lent a new player my Rulebook).  I plan to work my way down it, painting everything, and magnetising the bases to stick it to trays for ease of display and movement.

To get me started, I have waded in on some of the Guild boxes I had unbuilt.  Starting with The Torch and Blade, Sonia Criid's crew box.

On the grounds of full disclosure, I really didn't enjoy some of this.  The undercoat was done badly and made painting a chore.  The eternal flame has broken several times at the ludicrous hip joints, and is now at the stage where the fix is "looks good enough" rather than "looks good".  I need to think about changing the Flames on Sonia's sword, and there are a few other bits that should probably get done.  But, overall, they are good enough for tabletop, and these were never going to be my favourite crew.  I do look forward to trying them against some Arcanists soon, though.

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