Thursday, 8 September 2016

Friends don't let friends play Family

Ok, so I have finished painting the third of the Guild crews from wave 1, the Latigo Posse.  Perdita, Nino, Santiago, Francisco and the Enslaved Nephilim.  All relatively easy paint jobs, not award winning but good enough for the time being,  Some photo's are below.

I have also decided to start work on one of my semi-regular workspace tidy ups.  Since my workspace is for the hobby, computing, and work stuff, it needs to be neatened fairly regularly.  I am also planning on working a bit more on some bigger models/scenery pieces, and this is going to need the desk space.

So, to that end, I have included some before photos for people to judge the after against.

The homemade paint rack.  And the enormous pile of "stuff" that sits in front of it.  Including the wife's Wonder Woman mug that I need to fix. 
The PC, and more of the random stuff.  Pretty much everything on those shelves above and below the monitor needs to be moved and sorted out.

The bed.  And the rest of the room.  (and the bane of my Wife's life)  Which includes the Lightsaber, the model cases, the start of the project to put all of the Wave 1 models on magnetised trays, my Age of Sigmar army, and chunks of the WIP swamp board.
I shall hopefully see you on the other side.

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  1. Now that the world can see what you need to sort out I'm begging them to hold you to it. The Wife xxx