Monday, 19 September 2016

Cool for Cats?

So, this is mostly about posting some work in progress images.  I am currently working my way through all of the wave 1 malifaux models.  So I have started painting the Hoarcat pride.  Mostly just now needs teeth and mouths but in general looks like something I am happy enough with.

I am also working on Killjoy.  Currently blending fat folds with skin tone.  A rather interesting prospect.  Some more work in progress photos.

Not the most exciting of blog posts, but it brings me up to date in terms of what I have been working on.

I have also played one game of the Divergent paths campaign, last week, against Kendall.  It was a really odd game, using the random deployment method saw my Viktoria's fighting his summoning Somer.  Really fun, and while I lost, he was down to a single Bayou Gremlin.  I actually managed to kill Som'er, which I am led to believe is a bit of a challenge.  My MVP moments either come when Pere walked up and delivered a message on turn one, or when I managed to Sacrifice a ronin to gain the soul stones in order to do damage prevention on the burning damage to save a Vik.  All told, a really good, fun game, as every one I play with him tends to be.  We also got to use my WIP swamp terrain, and the feedback was good, although it sounds like I need some more scatter terrain to go with it.  Any ideas gratefully received.

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