Saturday, 24 September 2016

Killjoy at a Rock Concert?

So, some more models finished, some of which you may have seen WIP pictures of.  First up is the classic Bishop model.  A very different look from the modern plastic one, and while he is definitely throwing the Rock Ballad Hand that Pat Benetar (ask your mum) would be proud of, I still think it's a really characterful sculpt and I quite like the end result.

We Belong to the Night!!!!!!!

The next model that I finished as part of the Outcast push was Killjoy.  Never used him, never faced him, but I know that he has a bit of a reputation.  I've shown some WIP of him already, so straight on to the finished items.

I'm enjoying these, although one of the interesting things that I have noticed is that the von Schill box, despite him being a wave I master contains a number of models that appear in Wave 2.  While this could be annoying, it means that I have fewer models to paint to get Wave 1 finished so I am not too upset.

Comments and criticism are always welcome.

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