Sunday, 25 September 2016

Welcome to the Korps

So, moving through the Outcast models at some pace, I have come to the Freikorps.  Only some of the Hired Guns box is actually Wave 1, and so I have Von Schill, 2 Korpsmann, a specialist and the steam trunk to paint.

The specialist.  A model that I don't know I have ever seen on the table and a really nice idea.  It is basically a real disaster to put together.  The tanks sit badly on his back, and the cabling is difficult to get to fit.  In general, I disliked building this model.  Despite that, the finished piece is not too bad.

And the Freikorpsman.  2 sculpts, and much easier to put together than the specialist.  Painted in the same scheme, these may get a little more table time with my Outcasts, at least until I get better options from the Wave 2 models.

It's also coming up to Malifaux Month for the store where I am Henchman, and I want to share with you just some of the things we have planned.
We have tournaments. Malifriend or Malifaux on the 22nd and a henchman hardcore event on the 3rd.
We have demos, with a custom built demo table in the works to show off the starter, and plenty of people to show you how it all works.
We have scenarios for people to try, everything from special Halloween-themed events through hunting trips and story encounters, including solitaire setups.
We have the divergent paths global event running in store.
We may have painting demos, with Joel Duoplys-Duguid having provisionally agreed to come and try his hand at some malifaux models.
We have a painting competition running throughout the month.
And we will have malifaux bingo, for those who want to see how good they really are.
All of this means that there is a need for a short break from the current project.  I have to get AT LEAST the starter box models painted, and the aim is to get all of the story encounters painted up as well, plus the carver.  That's a metric tonne of work, and so I may try to beg borrow or steal some of the models for the store.  I'm also looking at getting an asylum display/demo board made for the store for the starter box, and there is a chance that may be laser cut.  So all told a busy week or so ahead.

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