Thursday, 9 June 2016

Can he avoid saying it?

So, tonight I finished another one of the guardians of the galaxy.  This time, the Wife was very happy, because it was her favourite of the Guardians, Groot

So, without further ado, the stages of Groot.

First, he was undercoated in Dryad Bark, 2 thinned coats to get good coverage

Followed by successive drybrushes of Steel Legion Drab, Tallarn Sand, and finally Underhive Ash

 Next, the Hair(?) was drybrushed in layers from Death World Forest through Castellan Green and Finally Warboss Green

Before finally some of the vines were picked out in a mix of Castellan Green and Warboss Green

So that makes 2 of the 6 Guardians that I have finished.  The bases are still not done, because I want them all to link in, and I haven't decided what I want them to look like yet.  I think the choice is going to come down to red, mars like rock, versus simple black/grey stone.  Not sure which will be winning yet, but watch this space.

Oh, and finally, yes "I am Groot"