Monday, 6 June 2016

Drax, The Destroyer Part 2

Continuing the painting of Drax from the Marvel Game, this time I have moved on to his trousers and his "armour".

First, the whole of the trousers were covered with Army Painter Matt Black

Drybrushed with Vallejo Black Grey

And then the metalwork was given two thinned coats of Leadbelcher

Before being washed with Nuln Oil (Metalwrok and Trousers) to bring it all together a little.

Metalwork highlighted with Runesfang Steel

And the Khorne Red added to the leg panels

Evil Sunz Scarlet on the the Red panels

And finally the Yellow lights on his bracers (Flash Gitz Yellow) and the knives (Runefang Steel washed with Druchii Violet).

All thats left now is to paint the base, and to decide what form his Tattoos will take.  But for now, that is Drax done, while I decide how the Guardians will be painted next.  Next, up, probably Gamora, to see if we can produce a different look to green skin.

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