Sunday, 19 June 2016

Rocket (not a) Man

So, i finished Rocket Racoon today.  Nothing really to say about him, and since I can't see myself painting another racoon any tuime soon I have resisted the urge to do a step by step.  Not helped by the fact that Tabletop Gamer has published step by steps for all the Guardian Starter in their latest issue, rendering mine redundant.

I can't say enough how much I hate this sculpt.  It is flat, and 2 dimentsional, and reminds me of the very worst of metal castings where it looks like the model has been pressed in a vice before manufacture.  Nevertheless, I have painted it, and therefore, am 1 step closer to finishing the Guardians.  With the exception of this model, my general view of all of them has been lovely models, terrible castings.  This one has been much better casting, but on a model I just can't find the love for.

So, the photos.....

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