Monday, 4 July 2016

Drowning.....and a Brawl

Tonight we ran the first Enforcer Brawl at the FLGS.  6 people playing, running a variety of models, including Raphael, Burt Jebsen, Howard Langstrom, an Ice Golem, Yin The Pennangalan and Bishop.  After a little bit of confusion about the scoring (and the last time I try to use google sheets and a touchscreen with a spreadsheet I knocked up that afternoon to score), it seemed like a good time was had.  We allowed people to appear on any edge they wanted rather than picking randomly, and after Raphael finished off both Howard and the Ice Golem turn 1, he had a target painted on his head for the rest of the game.  Ultimately, Yin won, with Howard pulling off an excellent final turn to take second.

The other thing of note is that I have finished my Drowned.  Painted in the same style as my Crooligans, for my likely Molly crew, I debated how to give the cobbles behind them the impression of being wet.  After some thought, and lots of ideas, I went with black wash (to darken the stone) and then gloss varnish.  Its not perfect, but it seems to work.

The ghostly appearance may not totally fit the fluff, but I think that the effect is worth it.  Again, thanks to Matt (who demanded credit) for the idea with the Nihilakh Oxide for the effect.

Comments and criticism again welcome.

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