Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Got the Time?

So, I have been a busy bee from a hobby perspective.  First of all, I have finished painting the limited edition Aionus Model.  A simple paint job, with the clock painted in the style that I have now adopted for the spirits in Malifaux.  The rest was simple blended layers.  Quick, but I think it looks Ok.

I also managed to get a game in with my McMourning crew.  They have the honour of being the first box set that I ever painted for myself, and having never been put on the table before.  
I shall post a fuller battle report (maybe), but I think that the important point is, like all Malifaux games, it was fun and had some of THOSE moments.  The Flesh Construct ate a Rooster Rider, Mah Tucket beat McMourning to death on Turn 1, and Francois on Hallucinogens from the Nurse standing in place and fighting invisible enemies.  All in all, a great, fun game against Kendall, where the result (a 10-8 win) almost didn't matter as much as the fun.


  1. Wow, I love the way the clock turned out! Do you happen to have a post about the technique that you used?

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback. It is actually a real cheat. There are more details in the posts about my Molly crew, but essentially it's a white undercoat, then washed with GW Nihilakh Oxide, and then dry brushed back up to white.

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    3. Excellent! Thanks very much. Hardly cheating in my book based on how good the results look.