Friday, 22 July 2016

It's a swamp thing....

Although sadly, not the B-movie, or the comic, but the modelling project kind.  As part of the time off projects, I have been working on some swampy/bayou type terrain pieces, aiming to have enough to fill a board.  So far, I have a Swamp patch/Pool, a Giant Stone Egg in a Pool, a Pile of enormous building blocks, and a house on stilts..... over a pool (WIP).  I am planning a couple of tree/wood type pieces, some more of the blocks, and some walkways.  May also do some more thematic pieces, like a gremlin still, Pig Pen, a field for the Carver to guard, maybe a cave for Bad Juju.  Lots of ideas.  It has, however, meant that I am behind on the painting side of the plans for the week, but I can probably live with that if I get a finished board out of it.  Aiming to get some of it ready for Monday evening's games.

Without further do-dads, some pictures, with an unfinished Thunder Archer for scale. (Who shall henceforth be known as Fred.  Just because)

Cracked Stone Egg
Swamp Pool
Pile of what I hope look like collapsed stone blocks

Another angle on the blocks
Work in Progress Hut
Front view of the Hut
    For future reference, the mud is Stirland Mud and patches of Lustrian undergrowth dry brushed with Underhive Ash.  The edges are Dryad Bark.  The water is Castellan Green washed with Athonian Camoshade and then varnished.  the Rocks are Eshin Grey, dry brushed up to Longbeard Grey.  The slime from the egg is Nurgle Rot.

Comments and criticism/suggestions welcome.

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