Sunday, 10 July 2016

Taking Care of the Baby

So today I finished the next model for my Molly Crew.  Continuing the theme, this one shows a Ghostly Nanny with a real Philip in it.  The basing continues with the traditional sculpted green stuff cobbles, but this time with some grass and the red flowers from which I picked up at Bovington.  Their bag of 120 mixed tufts cost me £3, and this is the first time i have used them.  They appear to do exactly what they say on the tin, and I am pleased with what they have added to the base.

So now, most of the models that I plan on doing in the ghostly effect for my Molly crew are done, and there is only one Dead Doxy in progress.  She is at the stage where the base is being prepared, so will be done soon.  I have also completed my 1.5ed Jack Daw model, but for personal reasons, and to avoid triggers, I have not included pictures of this here,

What I have included, is a picture of all of them except him so far.  That's Molly, Philip, 3 Crooligans, and 3 Drowned.  I also have the repurposed Jack, and a Dead Doxie in this scheme.  I will then start work on the University of Transmortis Students, and the Rogue Necromancy.  I already have all of her spirits painted for my previous Kirai Crew, so I will then have all of her summons and thematic hires covered.

I have also sorted out the date for the next Malifaux tournament at my FLGS.  20th August will see a 50SS 3 Round event, and we have already had 12 of the planned 16 spaces spoken for.  Facebook event is here.  Hopefully, we should have some crossover between people reading this and people turning up for that.  I for one am looking forward to it.

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