Sunday, 17 July 2016

It's a Stitch Up

So, tonight I have finished the rogue Necromancy that was first referenced in the posts about my Take Back the Night Crew for Molly.  After much discussion, I decided that I should paint it as if it were "real" rather than a spirit, as that gives it more utility in other crews, and fits more with the fluff for the model.
Painting it was a chore.  I am still convinced that the lion parts look too Wizard of Oz cartoon Lion for my overall taste.  Nevertheless, it works as a whole.  As often happens to me with models like this, I got stuck for a few days, and lost inspiration, since I had decided that I really didn't like the way it was turning out.  So I stopped, and looked at it while playing Magic Duels online, and today I cracked on and ploughed forward.  It's not my favourite model, but it is good enough for government work as they say (Or as McMourning does.  And since the good doctor is likely to be the other user of this, well...)

Without further ado, the pictures.

Yes, I missed some blood on the front leg

And this back Haunch is missing blood as well

It's also worth noting that this weekend was the start of 2 weeks of Annual Leave.  Yes, this means that I have extra time, that needs to be divided between the wife, and the toys.  As is usual, I am going into my leave with a list of Hobby Projects, not all of which are likely to get anywhere near completion.  But the list is here anyway.

To paint
  Finish Rogue Necromancy
  Finish Aionus
  Finish Gracie
  Finish Daenerys Targaryen
  Paint Nova
  Paint Deadpool
  Paint Mysterious Effigy
  Paint Carver

Terrain Project
  This is going to be a Swamp/Bayou board for Malifaux.  Plans are currently being worked on, but I know that it is going to be made up of pieces of scatter terrain on a baseboard.  I have a proof of concept swamp piece and the beginnings of an elevated hut.  Other ideas include a stone egg, some trees, some stones, walls, fences, a pig pen, a still and anything else that grabs my fancy.

Army Projects
  Cygnar Army - Aiming to get a 75pt force selected and tested for Warmachine Mk3
  Trollbloods Army - Aiming to get 75pts painted and tested for Hordes Mk3 (This will require more painting and work that the Cygnar)
  The Girls of Malifaux - Developing my Viktoria's crew, by including as many additional thematic females as I can.  This is likely to include Hannah, Johanna, and any others that I can squeeze in by any means necessary.

None of the projects are set in stone and it's likely to be a few days before I finalise which ones I am going to try and get completed.  I shall cross them off here when I am done with them.  Any thoughts, comments or criticism really welcome.

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