Sunday, 31 July 2016

Set me free...

So, I finally snapped and gave in and bought the Age of Sigmar starter box set.  Which, when combined with the Storm of Sigmar box, 2 of the Getting Started Magazines, and one of the Quick Assembly boxes of Retributors has given me a force of Stormcast Externals.  Following the self imposed rule, my plan is that I shouldn't play with them before they are painted.  As a change from my usual painting style, and because I hate painting units with a passion, I have decided to try and speed/batch paint the majority of the models to a basic tabletop standard, the idea being that if they look good on the table being played, then that is good enough.  Since Tuesday, I have turned out 14 Liberators, 5 Retributors, and am working on my Relictor.  All together, I have 920 points using the generals handbook, and I also have a Khorne force that my aim is to sell or donate to a needy wargamer.
 So, some images.
Retributor Warscroll

For my reference, below is the test model that was painted, along with the colours that I used.


Armour - Ironbreaker, washed Nuln Oil, Drybrushed Necron Compound
Gold - Retributor Armour Washed Agrax Earthshade
Blue - Macragge Blue highlighted Caledor Sky
Red - Khorne Red washed Carrienburg Crimson

Any comments of criticism is, as ever welcome.

I am of course participating in the GW summer campaign at my local force.  Amusingly, the painting that I have done puts me in third place having never played a game of Age of Sigmar at all........


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    1. Thanks. I believe its from a Chamber (chapter?) called the Hallowed Knights. I just couldn't face painting all that gold.