Sunday, 3 July 2016

Horrors? Or just Cursed?

So, I have recently been shown the wonders of using the nihilakh Oxide Technical paint from GW as a way of quickly painting ghosts.  I decided to test it out on some Crooligans.  Apply Technical paint.  Drybrush White.  Pick out colour details.  I like it.

Now, I should say about Crooligans, that I have never used them.  I have never even looked at their card properly.  And yet, I have, at last count, at least 9 of the little so and so's.  This includes 2 sets of Molly M2E box, and a pack of the old metal ones.  I'm never going to use 9 Crooligans.  I doubt I will even use 6 of them (3 metal, and 3 plastic)

Which brings us to the curse of Molly.  Molly is a master that I quite like thematically, and while the 1.5 sculpt is not the prettiest, I have 2 of them, and they have a certain characterful charm.  I also have the most cursed M2E Molly box ever.  I bought the box from E-Bay.  I then built it as part of the lets build everything in one big batch fit of madness that I had a while ago.  During that, by the end models were thrown together for speed rather than accuracy, and I've been regretting it ever since.  A consequence of this, was, during the building of the Necrotic Machine, I lost part of one of the arms.  I spent an hour hunting in the carpet, and eventually gave it up as lost.  Thats fine, I've got a metal one somewhere.  Of course, in the haste, when I came back to look at Philip, well, lets just say that you could drive a real pram through the gaps.
Long story short, when I got the chance, I picked up a very cheap Molly box off of E-bay.  Which would be fine.  Except that, when trying to put Molly on a base today, I snapped her supporting ankle off of both her temporary base, and the model.  And it went into the deepest, darkest depths of the carpet behind the desk.  I swore, I cursed, I complained.  And then I got lucky enough to find it.  Lets just hope that it is the start of a new streak of luck for Molly.

Without further ado, the pictures.

The whole crew, with new printed photo backdrop.

The teddy bear that inspired the whole idea of this paint job

I can't decide if I need to pick a feature on the one on the left to pull out in colour or not

Molly, complete with gluey repair mess at the ankle

This does also mean that I have spare plastic Crooligans, and a Spare Philip and the Nanny (It's not terrible, I just wanted it better, its certainly recoverable. if anyone would like to discuss them.
Comments and criticism as always welcome.

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